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Hycom Hospitality POS Software

When creating Hycom’s Hospitality POS Software, we kept our customers in mind. The Point of Sale is a reliable, cost-effective and comprehensive management package. 

We have developed our software over many years to cater to many different outlets. The selling end is fast and user-friendly with all the functions you need to run a business. Programming has never been so easy. With a touch of the menu, you can create your own items and drop and drag them into position.

We can guarantee our software will increase profit and accountability. It will improve the experience for both your staff and customers.

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Table Dining Plan

With our easy-to-read table plan, you can determine whether a table is available or occupied. You can also record reservations, avoiding confusion on open tables. The table plan provides reports on the number of guests, items and seat numbers. It can also measure the length of time at a table. Table service is wireless and compatible with the iPad and iPad Mini.

Device Compatibility

Hycom Hospitality POS links to most devices. The iPhone, iPad, and iPad Mini can assist with table service and reporting. Without the hassle of programming, you can upload the menu onto the device from the Main POS Terminal. This convenience allows you greater access to all the POS software and is more efficient. The PC EFTPOS and Tyro Integration is also compatible with Hycom's solution. All major banks across Australia license our software to connect PC integrated EFTPOS.

Simple Online Ordering

We offer YQME, an online customer ordering application. This simple online system works for your company and links to your POS system.
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Scales and Scanners

Hycom can interface most models of scales and scanners ideal for yogurt bars, small convenience, clubs and pubs.

Self-Ordering Tablets

Our self-ordering devices put the control into your customer’s hands. Without waiters, self-ordering tablets can speed up service and reduce labour costs.

Powerful Back Office Reporting and Stock Control

Hycom POS has an accurate and powerful reporting and stock control function. Easy consolidation with your calendar makes it seamless when viewing reports. Both cloud-based and server-based options are available.

Docket Printing or Kitchen Touch-Screen

Cut the paper trail in the kitchen with our new kitchen touch-screen. This advanced system allows you better organisation and a more relaxed work environment. Orders will show in order by time. By a simple touch, you can clear orders as a group of full orders or by individual items.


Loyalty programs are a great way to keep customers coming back. You can introduce a VIP Points Reward system with our loyalty function. This function allows customers a discount or a chance to earn loyalty points for dollars. Points are transferable between all your locations.
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