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Hycom Retail Point of Sale Solution

Hycom Retail POS Solution is the ground-breaking software for your business. We have the simple and powerful solution to your every problem. Whether you are a new or existing retail business, our software has many options to suit your workflow. At Hycom, we will not only find the right software solution for your business, but we will also customise the hardware to suit your shop.

We offer service and repair for POS equipment both on-site and in our workshop

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POS Connectivity

Our POS software connects to all your POS equipment. We can help you connect all your stations to become one powerful business. See the following for all our compatible connectivity capabilities.
  • Barcode scanner
  • Cash drawers
  • Customer advertising screen
  • Docket printers
  • Electronic scale
  • Label printing scales
  • Programmable keyboard
  • Windows Tablet
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Easy-to-Find Products

Our Retail Point of Service products now makes it even easier to search for certain items. Operators can search for products by image, using the PLU number, or search by function. Scanning is also an option which eliminates human errors and speeds up operation.

Floating Operator

Floating operators have evolved us from Network Scale Systems. With the floating operator capability, you can serve more customers. They allow many operators to serve and store customer items. Floating operators are most efficient for over the counter sales.

Powerful Back Office to Analyse Your Business

Hycom offers precise sales, statistical analysis and extensive consolidated reports. We also link with your back office to provide comprehensive auditing and tracking. We offer search options by date, time and service, as well as consolidated financial reports.

With our new Remote Smartphone Reporting, you can use your smartphone to review your sales report at the touch of a button.
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Shelf Labels and
Product Barcode Printing

Our product file allows you to generate shelf labels and product labels. By installing laser or label printers, you can print labels as sheets or individually.

Protecting Your Information

Our software allows you to establish security between employees. Authority groups can be set and certain features accessed by authorised personals. We can also integrate with most modern digital surveillance systems. This allows you to overlap video frames with sale transaction details.

Integrating the Windows Tablet

Our software is compatible with mobile Windows Tablet. We can integrate devices using inbuilt scanners that assist around the store. This includes taking stock, price changes, ordering items and shelf label printing.

PC EFTPOS Integration

All major banks across Australia have licensed our software with PC EFTPOS. Integrating with EFTPOS has sped up the sales process. Integration has also been successful in eliminating user errors.

Loyalty Function

Use the VIP function to run a loyalty or rewards program. Reward customers by accumulating points to spend on their next transaction. Generate a voucher or discount if they spend a set amount on their last buy. Between chain stores, you can join and share points.

NMI Approval No.S580

On 1 August 2012, the National Measurement Institute (NMI) introduced new requirements for Point of Sale (POS) systems used for trade. That is, POS systems installed or modified from this date onwards will need to have obtained an NMI Certificate of Approval. At Hycom, we are NMI-certified and our software meets NMI M7 requirements.
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