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Hycom is licenced (Licence No. SL-0006) by the Australian government’s Nations Measurement Institute (NMI) to ensure all your trade-approved scales as verified and ready for use.

Acom Nets

This reliable label and receipt-printing scale is easy to use. With a traditional look, it is simple to program new features with the keyboard. It is an excellent standard and entry-level scale.

Ishida Uni 3

This price computing retail scale blows away the competition. Its premium features are pre-set and it has a fast printing speed and increased labelling functions. These all come for less cost than similar makes. This convenient appliance brings everything to the table.

Ishida Uni 5

This price computing scale for retail includes a large, programmable colour touch-screen. Its low-profile design makes it easy to blend in, while its many options stand out among competing scales.

Ishida Uni 7

This retail scale with price computing also includes a printer and colour touch-screen. It comes in a variety of models including bench, pole, hanging or self-service. This high-functioning scale is here to cover all your retail needs.

Hycom is a proud member of the Weighing Industry Association of Australia (WIAA)

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Ishida Uni 9

This exciting retail scale offers to weigh and wrap in a more compact design. Its defining feature is its vivid display accompanied by an advanced communication. It makes weighing all the more exciting and easy, as well as saving space.

Acom PC-100

If you are planning to sell products by weight, this is the scale for you. Mains powered with a large stainless steel platter, this scale is very reliable for the workplace. It comes in both bench and pile models. Our pole model scale offers up to 32 programmable price look-up codes (PLU), making it one of the most convenient scales.
ishida uni 9
acom pc100
acom pc-pos


This flexible device can either stand alone or link with your cash register or Point of Sale System. It is perfect for selling items according to their weight, such as selling produce. It is mains powered with a stainless steel platter.
cas pdii


This heavy-duty weigh-only scale is perfect for retail supermarket environments. With a large stainless steel platform and a low profile, this scale is durable and convenient. It has an adjustable tilt display, side display or an optional remote CFD pole display.
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Fruits & Vegetables

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Butcher & Deli

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Retail & Grocery

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